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So last week was the LONGEST week of my life.  Not running sucks, especially when mother nature decides to throw you a 50 degree day in winter filled with polar vortexes, negative wind chills and way too much snow!!

I already had plans to skip my group run this week because I was supposed to be running the Hyannis Half Marathon on Sunday.  Obviously I decided for the benefit of my knee that I should skip Hyannis.  This was a very difficult decision, but it was really for the best.  That is not to say that I wasn’t extremely jealous and depressed that day knowing that all my friends were there running in the gorgeous weather.  I did however, give my bib to a fellow ORFB and November Project friend, and she kicked ass!!

I couldn’t just sit around all weekend though, so Saturday afternoon I went to a Circulating Prana: vinyasa flow workshop to benefit leukemia and lymphoma society at Coolidge Corner yoga.  It was a fundraising event for my friends Laura, Alex and Amanda.  First I want to say, I LOVE this place.  I have been taking yoga for about a year now and apparently I have been missing out.  This place was like a beautiful island oasis. I’m used to peeling paint, a less than stellar locker room and cramped studios. Too bad Coolidge Corner is so “far away”.  Monday I went back to my regular studio and despite having a good class, I was depressed I wasn’t at the spa AKA Coolidge Corner Yoga.


My knee was feeling much better, so I decided to try to go out for a run.  I didn’t want to start out too fast, so I went for a short 5 miler.  My pace was much faster than I planned, but I felt good.  I took the time to fully stretch and roll (and ice) afterwards to keep the knee in good shape.

I was then peer pressured into going to November Project on Wednesday morning.  For those that don’t know, that means climbing/running/racing Harvard Stadium.  I mainly went because I missed all those awesome faces and I knew there were hugs there waiting for me.  I was still feeling good, but definitely didn’t want to push too hard.  I did 13 sections and took it slower than normal, but was so happy to be back.

Wednesday night brought the return of Marathon Sports run club.  Initially we were going to run 8 miles, but then realized it felt like 3 degrees outside and opted for the shorter 5.5.  Probably the best option considering I am just getting back into the swing of things. Look at us rocking the reflective “vests”!

Photo Credits to Lauren Olivia

Photo Credits to Lauren Olivia

Tonight I focus on strength training and stretching while resting my legs for my potential 18 miler on Saturday. #fingerscrossed