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So we are on day 4 of no running. I don’t understand how people do this, I’m going stir crazy and I miss my November Project friends. Thank God for the Olympics!!

Even though I should be resting this week to give my knee a break, I can’t just do nothing. Monday I went for some open level yoga. My knee was still a little tender, so there were definitely some poses I couldn’t do, but overall I was happy that I went. Tuesday I went with my old standby, Deck-a-Day. Red cards are sit-ups and Black cards are push-ups! Considering I did this everyday for a whole month in October, I was a little disappointed in my strength, or lack there of.  I might need to make this a daily occurrence again. Maybe I’ll take that on for Lent! Wednesday I did A LOT of leg strengthening exercises.  I’m hoping that strengthening my glutes, hamstrings and quads is going to be the key to getting me back out there ASAP.

Today I went back for some spinning, on the advice of my training coach.  My knee was definitely not 100% but it felt really good.  I worked up a sweat and worked the legs a bit without the impact on my knee.  Let’s hope by next week, I’ll be good enough to get back out there!  I have the knee brace and KT tape ready.

The best part of the week, by far, was getting this in the mail today!!  Eeeeeek!!