I think I’ve mentioned before how Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. I don’t care about the candy so much but I LOVE dressing up. I mean when is it ever socially acceptable to dress as a smurf at work??? As a kid I remember my parents having these over the top Halloween parties complete with a homemade coffin, life-sized vampire and a spider web that basically encased the entire front of the house. Costumes were mandatory and I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to have a party like that of my very own!

As an adult, I’ve found it a little harder to find a group of people who actually enjoy dressing up. I really don’t understand it, it’s the one time of year you get to act like a kid and can be ANYTHING you want!! Imagine my delight when I found November Project! These people love to dress up as much as I do and creativity knows no bounds. This isn’t a “get your costume from a package” kind of group. We had a dinosaur themed birthday party this past summer and these 2 made their own dinosaur heads out of bike helmets.

Photo Credits to Nick Flattes

Photo Credits to Nick Flattes

I’ve had a lot going on the past few weeks, so despite knowing what I wanted to be for Halloween, I really just didn’t have the time to pull it together. Leave it to NP though to give me some last-minute inspiration so I wouldn’t have to sit this one out. Think Swan Lake meets Center Stage meets Jane Fonda. (side note: Center Stage is one of those movies that I must watch whenever it’s on TV even though I’ve seen it 1000 times)  I didn’t go over the top creative, but as my mother reminded me and my friends just this past weekend, I was never cut out to be a ballerina so I suppose it’s nice for one day to pretend I’m graceful!

IMG_5637.JPGAnd if this still hasn’t convinced you to come out and try November Project, I present to you Phoebe, the PR_Pig (note that she is also in costume!!)