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What an amazing weekend!  Most people can’t say that they are looking forward to running 21 miles, but I was, honest! Not only was I finally going to get to see the start line in Hopkinton, but once I crossed the “finish” at the top of heartbreak hill, I was entering the taper zone!  After this incredibly snowy, icy, cold winter, the taper is what we were all looking forward to.

I didn’t exactly sleep well Friday night.  I was filled with anxiety, excitement and fear.  I “woke up” feeling less than stellar, but I pulled it together and made my way to Newton, where we boarded our bus to Hopkinton. Knowing that we were going to have to run all the way back was a little intimidating. When we got off the bus, there were thousands of other runners, it was quite an amazing sight.  Just a small glimpse into what it will be like on race day.  I took in the atmosphere for a minute or two, thought about why I was doing this, and then I was off.  A few miles in, a Team in Training bus pulled pass and I got to see a few friends yelling for me out the window.  Then I passed by the Meg’s miles “Soles of Love” sneaker monument and it was then, that I knew I could do this.


After running through Hopkinton, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley and Newton, getting to the top of heartbreak hill was an awesome feeling and certainly a little emotional.  I made it and I felt great!  Not only did I make it to Taper Time but now I have 100% confidence that I can do this! April 21st can’t come soon enough. 21 Days!!!