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So I’ve been a little behind in the blog posting this week.  I’ve been to 3 Marathon fundraisers in the past 24 hours, and I’m exhausted!  But here’s the weekend run down…

MassDOT decided that closing all the entrances and exits to the Mass Pike in the weeks leading up to the marathon, when people need to get out to the burbs for their long runs, was a good idea.  I decided that I wasn’t going to deal with that mess at 7am on a Saturday morning and I skipped my team run.  I still got in 14.7 miles along the Marathon route with Martin and got to see my team out on the course anyway!  Next week is our final (and longest) long run.  I’m both excited and nervous!  It’s do or die time.

Thursday was the unveiling of the #WeRunTogether Marathon banners along Boylston Street and surrounding areas.  This means we don’t have long to go, so I finally broke down and bought everything I’ve been putting off for the past few weeks.  I got THE sneakers for the big day, THE Marathon jacket (which is hiding in my closet so as not to jinx anything) and Hal Higdon’s new book 4:09:43 (which is also hiding, so I don’t cry myself to sleep every night before the Marathon). 29 Days and counting…


Saturday night was my friend Kristen’s BMC Fundraiser at the Baseball Tavern where I quickly learned that I suck at cornhole.  Who knew throwing a bean bag across a room would be so hard?  Hopefully I learned something because I have another cornhole event coming up on Tuesday!  I did win a Merchant gift card though, so all was not lost.


This morning, my friend Erin had a Miles Against Addiction 5K to benefit the Dick Beardsley Foundation.  It was an awesome event with prizes and raffles and even a post race breakfast!!  The best part was getting Amanda, Martin and I back together again 🙂

photo credits to Amanda Dezak

photo credits to Amanda Dezak

After showering and a quick trip to the grocery store I was off to the Warehouse for my 3rd Fundraiser of the weekend.  A “beer” pong tournament benefitting Team in Training.  This was for my ORFB friends, Alex, Amanda and Laura.  Lately I’ve only seen them running the course or at November Project, so it was nice to have some time to catch up.

Now off to bed, so I can rest up for more running, more NP and more fundraisers!!