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I have a lot friends in different cities all over the country who ask me about November Project all the time.  When I describe it, most people think it’s crazy that we get up at the ass crack of dawn to work out, but some think it’s awesome.  For those who think it’s the bee’s knees, you should think about supporting the movement. Obviously the goal is for you to #JustShowUp, but if you can’t, you can show your support by buying some #grassrootsgear.  Last night was the #grassrootsgear launch party where we drank beers, purchased some rad shirts and discussed world domination.  If you want to show your NP pride, check out the #grassrootsgear site and purchase a shirt for yourself!


This morning we woke up early and headed back to Harvard after a slight hiatus, and the bubble was gone!!!  No bubble=spring is here!!  The ice has also fully melted, so we were finally able to do all 31 steps in each section.  I did 15 sections which isn’t too shabby on a shaky knee.  Hoping by May, I’m back to a full tour!


You know what else is a signal that spring is here???  Hubway!!  I noticed the station on my corner was back this morning.  No bikes yet, but it’s a start.


At run club we got to try out some TomToms.  I was excited because I’ve been wanting to try something other than a Garmin.  I was however, quickly disappointed(and pretty vocal about it)!  Just like every other GPS watch on the market, it takes forever to find you when you live in a city.  When it did finally find me, the pace and distance we’re so small I had a hard time reading them while running.  Despite the watch being less than ideal, the run was great and the company even better.

Oh yeah, and I’ve decided I have too many running friends, because my facebook feed all day was about the Harpoon 5 miler and the Marine Corps Marathon lottery.  Sadly because of them I am seriously contemplating running another marathon this fall… #runnerproblems