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Sunday the tables were turned for me…I was the spectator at the NYC 1/2 Marathon while my husband was the runner.  Being on the other side of the “fence” gives you a new appreciation for the spectator experience.  I tried to get in as many stops as the subway would allow.  I even cheered him on from my personal hell, Times Square!! He looked great throughout and even PR’d!


Sunday night we met up with a new ORFB friend, who randomly happened to be the roommate of a good friend of ours.  SMALL WORLD!!! AND we got to hang out with one of the actresses from Once on Broadway.  It was a totally random, but awesome night.

We couldn’t leave NYC without at least stopping by the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  It was a touch cold, so we didn’t stay for long, but we were able to catch some bag pipers and some great irish music.


And you NEVER leave NYC without stopping for a slice!  My husband likes to say, even the worst NYC slice is better than the best slice anywhere else.