Today marked our second to last long run before the big day. I wasn’t feeling 100%, but I got out there and gave it my all. It started out a little overcast, which had me a little worried because I was only wearing one layer and I was a little chilly. By mile 2, I realized I had dressed just right (Thank God)!

Saw my running peeps around Mile 4, I thought about turning around and running with them, but wanted to stay the course. Took a short break at the turn around (near Natick) for some Gatorade and Energy Bits. Then I was back on my way. For some reason, I always have a pep in my step when there is only single digit mileage left.

Saw my running buddies again at mile 16. Feeling a little more ragged, but the high fives pushed me those last 3 very hilly miles. It reminded me of a quote one of my friends posted last week “Don’t measure every run by your watch, or the distance you covered, but by the number of friendships you’ve created”-Bart Yasso

In 2 weeks, we meet in Hopkinton to run back to the top of heartbreak hill. 21 miles!! I’m both excited and nervous. I’ve never run the start of the course before so I’m excited to check it out before race day. It’s also our last long run, the final test to determine if you’re really ready for the big day!!