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I’m pretty sure last night was the first time I’ve sweat at Run club since November!! 47 degrees, with a light mist…I’ll take it! AND I only had to wear one layer, WHAT?!?!? 8 strong miles, done.

I am loving run club these days. Besides the awesome company and run club discounts, we also get to try out awesome new products for FREE! Last Night we got to try the new Fresh Foam from new balance. These shoes are the shit! Me and New Balance have always been BFFs. I strayed a bit these past few months because the REVlite ones I was wearing were “running out” so fast and I needed something with a little more substance for long distance training. However, the fresh foam reeled me back in. I want to live in them, they were like slippers for running.  I still haven’t decided what shoes I’m wearing for the marathon, but I may have to buy these to break in before the big day.


Everyday we get one day closer to the big day.  And everyday it seems more and more real that this is really going to happen.  Yesterday I got my Marathon singlet which was super exciting.  Then today I got my bib # along with my wave and corral assignment!!  At this point, with just 39 days to go there is nothing left to do but run (and freak out)! 🙂