This past week has been less than stellar.  I had to make a mid-week trip back to Jersey, in a snow storm, to say goodbye to my Uncle Bob.  No death is easy, but this one was very unexpected, so it made it that much harder.  He was certainly one of a kind and he will missed more that words can express.  RIP Uncle Bob.

My training has suffered a bit due to the trip and the fact that my knee has been acting up.  I took it easy on Monday and did a little yoga which made it feel a little better.  Then I spent Tues, Wed and Thurs doing a little strength training.  Wall sits, weighted leg lifts and squats.  By Wednesday night my knee was feeling a lot better.

Despite only running 3 miles the whole week, I set out on Saturday for my 16 mile run.  My knee felt great.  We did several loops on the very icy Carriage Road.  There were lots of hills, but great practice for race day.  Apparently it was a little too much for the knee.  With 9 weeks to go, I’ve made a very,very difficult decision and decided to take it easy this week and skip my long rung this weekend.  If you are a runner you know how difficult a decision that is.  Runners Run, that’s what we do.

So now I take time to focus on yoga, and strength training and maybe take a short run with some patellar support and go from there.  The more important part right now for me, is to not freak out, although inside I’m totally freaking out!!!