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With 11 weeks to go, I had to step up my game this week.  If I’ve learned anything from my past marathon experiences it’s that it’s not all about running, but also cross training.

After running a little over 19 miles last weekend and staying up late to watch the Super Bowl, I figured Monday would be a good yoga day.  It wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  I took a Vinyasa Flow class and I really should have stuck with the Basics class this week.  Renee doesn’t mess around, who knew your body could contort that way?

Tuesday, I decided to work on my speed.  I found an informal community running group that does track workouts at Harvard.  Despite the track being snow-covered I actually enjoyed it. There were only 6 of us there, but it finally gave me what I’ve been craving, speed work! We did various lengths 2×400, 3×400, 1 mile, 2x 400 and a final 1×400. I made sure to note my times so I can track my progress over the next 10 weeks.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for a PR this time around.

Wednesday brought more snow, but that didn’t stop run club. I managed to still get in 8 miles.  Running in the snow isn’t so bad, the massive puddles of slush at every intersection is what sucks. Luckily a lot of people stayed home so I was able to run in the street most of the way home, but not before soaking through 2 pairs of socks.

Thursday night I decided to try spinning. I was a bit skeptical going into it, I always envisioned it as something housewives do while the rest of us are at work. My marathon coach said its great cross training though and I got a free trial at Velo-city, so why not.  I can’t say I’ll make it part of my regular routine, but I can handle it for the next few weeks.

Saturdays long run brought 15 miles of hills. I got to see my close running buddies Martin and Amanda along the course and got some ORFB hugs from Amanda, Alex and Laura. Don’t underestimate what a hug can do for you during a long run. I also got to run along side Olympic marathoner Shalane Flanagan (for about 4 secs) while she was being filmed for some training special.

70 Days to Go!!