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It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and what better way to start off the day than running a race with 200+ of your favorite NPers.  As a part of my fundraising, I convinced my husband to don a tutu and a Red Sox shirt for the race if I could raise an additional $500 before today.  I not only got $500, but in less than 7 days!!  Despite being a die hard Yankees fan, he was a good sport!


This was definitely an interesting week for me.  I took 3 rest days, but did two days of double workouts, so I think it all balanced out.  I started the week with November Project in Porter Square with some hoisties, burpees, partner pushups and air squats.  Funniest #destinationdeck thus far.  I then took a Barry’s Bootcamp Arms and Abs class after work.  It literally kicked my ass!!  “Running” on a treadmill backwards at a 10 incline is not for the faint of heart. (Total mileage 6.7)

Tuesday we became famous!!  CBS this morning was at November Project a few weeks ago and broadcast their story this week.  My husband made quite an impressionable cameo, cheering on a dog while wearing his ORFB hoodie.  This is our life 🙂

Wednesday brought some Stadiums and new #grassrootsgear.  Despite the cold, I still made it to run club later that night, and I’m so glad I did. Competitor magazine was there doing a story about the marathon and I got interviewed!  It really started with my friend Lauren convincing them to take our photo, where for some reason, we pretended we were Charlie’s Angels.  I can’t wait to see the photo and the story. (Total mileage 8.2)


Saturday was the day of the long run.  This week was 14 miles.  The coach decided to keep us on the carriage road this time so it was ALOT of hills including the infamous heartbreak hill.  I actually felt pretty good and got to see many of my running friends out there, which always helps the morale.  I can’t believe we are only 11 weeks away from the big day…exciting and scary!

Now after accumulating almost 34 miles this week, I get to sit down, relax, eat some chips and enjoy some Football!!  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!