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What a crazy week.  Between work, fundraising and running I have had zero time for anything else.  Who knew fundraising would be a full time job?

This was the first week, since I started going to November Project, that I went to all three workouts!!  This may not seem like a huge accomplishment to many, but most days I can barely get up for work let alone a 5:20am wake up call.  Monday was #destinationdeck.  I got in my 5 mile run and got to do 8 hardcore minutes of push-ups and squats.  Wednesday was my first time back at the Stadium since before Christmas. I only did 17 sections because my calves remember what it’s like to do too many sections too early!  Then Friday was Summit Ave. hills.  My calves were still a little mad at me from Wednesday, so the downhill was torturous, but I still managed to get in 3 front hills and 2 back for about 4.5miles.


In addition to NP, I took on some yoga on Tuesday and Run Club Wednesday night.  Despite doing the stadium on Wednesday morning, I think I’m going to have to make run club a staple in my life (at least for the next 14 weeks).  It’s a great way to get in my mileage, but we also get free stuff!!

Saturday morning was my team run with the Marathon Coalition.  This weeks 12 mile run was dedicated to Meg Menzies.  Meg was a 34-year-old Virgina woman who was struck and killed by a drunk driver on her morning training run on Monday.  The running community came together on Saturday to run for #megsmiles.  Seeing all the pictures and reading all the stories on FB was awe-inspiring.  It also made my very hilly, rainy, snowy, cold run much more bearable.  It was certainly a day I was proud to be a runner!


In addition to all this running, I also have to raise $5000 for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time trying to organize all sorts of events.  I’ve organized a “Samoa Sprint” Live and Virtual 5K, which I’m hoping will be a fun event for friends both near and far. Any and all are welcome, just click on the link and register.  I’ll also be doing a trivia night at a local bar and a Superbowl squares pool (stay tuned for more info).  It’s a lot of work, but it’ll all be worth it when I cross that finish line in April!

Up next week…more running, a delicious quinoa recipe and some more fundraising opportunities.