A few months back, when it was much, much warmer, I decided to give Marathon Sports run club a try. I not only wanted to support a great local business, but I also wanted to find like minded people to motivate me to run more. I was a little disappointed. There were 3 distances to choose from, and you started off in groups based on that distance. The problem was that everyone was running at a different pace, so unless you were there with a friend, you were basically running solo. It felt like gym class when you’re the last one to be picked.

Tonight I decided to give it another try, this time with 2 friends. MUCH better experience! I had someone to chat with and it made the 6 miles go by way faster. We even got champagne at the end! Cheers to Marathon Sports and to a much better 2014!!

Since I can remember, Marathon Sports has had the Boston Marathon Countdown Clock in it’s window. When the store re-opened after the events of April 15, 2013, the clock was replaced by a thank you letter to the city of Boston for their support after the bombing. When I found out that I’d be running the marathon, anytime I passed by, I would look for that clock, hoping it would make an appearance. Well it finally has!! Seeing it filled me with a sense of hope, happiness and an “Oh Shit” feeling! 102 days 5hrs 14mins and 12secs!!! I am soooooo not ready!!