As the training continues, it feels as if it’s getting colder and colder. I started New Year’s Eve with a frigid 19 degree run. I think it was 4 miles, but my iPhone decided at 3.5 that it was too cold and gave up! I might need to invest in a garmin because I have a very long, cold winter in front of me. I’m used to training in the summer, which is a whole different ball game. I suppose part of training is not only logging the miles, but figuring out what works and what doesn’t. What works…lots and lots of layering and hand warmers in your gloves. What doesn’t…iphones and clif bloks. Who knew that clif bloks froze? I think I still have a lot to learn…


Rung in the New Year with the hubs and some friends at a local restaurant. On the way there, we were able to stop by Copley Square to check out some of the first night ice sculptures.


I had every intention of getting up to celebrate the New Year with my friends at November Project, yet when the alarm went off at 5:20am, I shut if off and went back to sleep. Good thing I didn’t #verbal! I did however meet up with a few ORFB friends for a New Year Ninja Dash 5K fundraiser. Runners supporting other runners, LOVE IT!! While it wasn’t an actual/official race, I did come in first place! I only mention it because it’s likely the only time I will come in first in any running event.


Now dinner is cooking in the crockpot, dough is rising for a test batch of brioche pretzels (recipes to follow) and I’m watching some Winter Classic overtime.  Go Red Wings…I guess.

Happy New Year!!