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So glad I got all my short runs done in the beginning of the week. Between the blizzard, a Snow Emergency and these frigid temps, running outside was a bit of a challenge.


Even my marathon training team cancelled the long run because of frost bite and hypothermia concerns!! Looks like these rechargeable handwarmers (a Christmas gift from my friend Christie) are gonna come in handy!


I was still able to get in my long run today with some friends, when Boston finally broke into the double digits.  It was actually quite nice despite having to dodge a few un-plowed areas.  Definitely an extra hard leg workout!


In other news, remember how I told you that the One Run for Boston changed my life, well we’re doing it again!!! I’m so excited to get together with this group of crazies just a week before the Marathon. I’ve signed up for the last 2 stages #335 and #336. If you want to be part of what I guarantee will be an epic event, check out the website and find a stage near you! www.onerunforboston.org

As we embark on week 2, I continue my marathon fundraising efforts.  I’ve been doing a bake sale at work for the past few weeks and it’s proving to be quite lucrative. This week I’ve made chocolate chip brioche pretzels and nutella coconut cupcakes. Good thing running burns calories!